OUR MISSION - Caraguapa.org


Tackling the multiple issues found at Kabanga requires, in addition to a great capacity of action, a previous reflection process regarding action criteria as well as the educational and social goals in the long run. 

We understand that disadvantadged social groups are systematically excluded by the policies of segmentation and diferentiation inherent to the system, which contribute to deepen inequalties.

For us, it is of vital importance to run away from the notion of poverty that only attends material needs, because this conception carries as a consequence the creation of dependent individuals, this is, an assisted population that ends up becoming a structural part of society. Thus, it can be said that they are not excluded "from" society but rather "within" society.

Caraguapa's aspiration runs in the opposite direction: we want to promote the creation of emmancipated citizens through the transformation of the structures and principles of social organization. We believe that for this transformation to take place it is necessary an educational project focused on participation, as a key point in the construction of an autonomous, active and democratic citizenship.

Participation is a necessity of the human being to transform both the environment in which he lives and social relationships. You can define "participate" in several ways:

- "to be part of", which is to belong, to be and to feel part of a community.

- "to have part", that is to have access to the resources and social, material and symbolic goods.

- "take part", contribute to public life, to the construction of the common.

Functional diversity is also a factor to be taken into account in the Kabanga community. If we relate this aspect to the concepts of citizenship and participation we have to refer to the Independent Living Movement. Jenny Morris in 1993 enunciated the following pillars of it:

  • All human life has the same value.
  • Everyone, whatever their functional difference, is capable of making choices.
  • People with functional diversity are so by the response of society to physical, intellectual and sensorial difference, and have the right to exercise control over their lives.
  • People with functional diversity have the right to full participation in society.
  • In order to achieve this participatory dimension in the quest for improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the camp, it is necessary to create a community development program.

The purpose of Caraguapa is to act accordingly to these principles.