Centro de inclusión social y formación profesional - Caraguapa.org


The main objective of Caraguapa is that we all live as equals but often this is not possible due to our ignorance or the prejudices we have over others. The belief that a person with albinism can have magical powers is just this, ignorance.

We believe that when you look a person in the eyes, when you live with them, when you know their history, their strengths, their weaknesses and empathy, you can be able to respect their differences. And this is precisely what we want to achieve through our training and integration center.

Through learning, work and sports, we want people who live within the center of Kabanga to be able to interact with people from the entire Kigoma area so that together they can acquire skills that give them integration, social strength, economic independence, food independence and welfare.

The center, owned by us and totally independent of other local organizations, has already started activities with the following activities:

Sewing workshop

We have set up a sewing workshop and hired a teacher with the main objective of transforming public attitudes about the skills of people with albinism. In addition, with the collaboration of Albino peacemakers and Asante Mariamu, a cooperative of women, relatives or friends of people with albinism has been created with the aim of selling the products produced within the workshop, and creating a stable source of income for a highly vulnerable population. This will have a great impact. First, it would ensure that members could work out of the sun and buy sun-protective clothing, which would greatly reduce the chances of skin cancer. This will increase comfort, health and life expectancy.

Second, it will allow them to be economically viable and valuable members of their communities. Hopefully, this will lead to a decrease in the black market of the parts of your body: if a person with albinism is more valuable as a business owner than a body part, the attacks will decrease.

Workshop on sustainable agriculture and food independence

We are increasingly aware that, for our sake and that of future generations, we need to produce and eat what is ours, applying strategies of production, distribution and consumption that reinforce the locals. We need to recognize the land we inhabit and work it responsibly and sustainably. Our cultivation school teaches the students to this and to protect the natural heritage that will allow them to guarantee the future of the coming generations, being aware of the monopolistic, industrial and colonialist activities that now affect Tanzania and all the countries of Africa.

We cultivate 12 species among which are polenta, corn, green beans, onion, zucchini, Chinese cabbage, potato, avocado, mango and papaya.

Sport workshops

Sport, when working from a social point of view, is a fantastic tool to promote respect, companionship, equality, motivation, autonomy, effort, commitment, self-esteem, health and solidarity.

We started with football classes at sunset, when the sun has already gone. With boys, girls, men and women from both the center and the town. Everyone is welcome. And it is being much easier thanks to the guide of the Real Madrid Foundation.